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The Pride Jazzy 600 power wheelchair is designed by pride mobility and is one member of the ‘Jazzy’ range of wheelchairs.

The Jazzy electric power chair is built to be ultra stable and be among the top performing models in their category. 

Overall Review 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

This review is designed to explain the sometimes confusing features and also highlight some of the drawbacks of this power chair.


High top speed

One of the things that is impressive about this powerchair is the maximum speed which maxes out at 5.3 mph, this is a significant speed when comparing to other electric wheelchairs available on the market.  The majority of wheelchairs usually cap their speed limits at around 4mph so the fact this one goes all the way up to 5.3 mph is a good thing going for it.

ATX active-Trac Suspension

For one of the best riding wheelchairs in its class, dive medical have used their patented active-trac suspension that reacts quickly to changes on the ground so discomfort when travelling over rough terrain is minimized.

Curb Drop

Going up and down curbs has not been easy due to the front and rear stabilizing wheels. When dropping down a curb they support you from the front and the back to make the transition without jolting too much.

Small Turning Radius

With a turning radius of just 22 inches it can practically turn on a dime making it ideal for home use and for day to day shopping.

Tilting Seat Controls

The seat can be tilted forward or backward up to a 45 degree angle to assist the user in getting on and off the chair. If you can walk short distances then using this power chair can enable you to live normally by providing a safe base to move out from.

High Backed Seat

The seat has a high back and a headrest for you to get proper support when travelling.

Mileage per Charge

Battery life and miles per charge are very important when it comes to choosing a suitable electric wheelchair as it can influence your decision based on what your specific needs are. If you want a wheelchair that can be used all day this comes in at around 16 miles per charge. This is of course dependent on terrain but does outperform a lot of the lower budget power wheelchairs.


What’s the overall weight plus batteries?

Overall the unit weighs in at around 250lbs, batteries weigh 38lbs each the base is 127lbs and the seat itself is 37lbs

How useful is it when shopping?

Due to the thin 23” width it should fit nicely in aisles and as its turns real tight you can use it in most grocery stores. Customers have said that it has enabled them to live a normal independent life, being able to shop, visit the post office and pay their own bills.

Can I use it properly indoors?

Just as it is suitable for moving outdoors and in shops and offices so is it more than capable of moving around the home.

Pride Jazzy 600 Specifications:

Color Options: Candy Apple Red, Viper Blue and Silver
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
Turning Radius: 22.5″
Width: 23″
Length: 35″
Maximum Speed:* Up to 5.3 mph
High-Back Seating: 22″W x 20″D (max. dimensions)
High-Back Seat-to-Floor Range: 21″ – 24″
Specialty Seating: 20″W x 20″D (max. dimensions)
Specialty Seat-to-Floor Range: 17″ – 20″
Synergy Seating: 20″W x 20″D (max. dimensions)
Synergy Seat-to-Floor Range: 17.25″ – 19.25″
Ground Clearance: 2.8″
Front Wheels: 5″ sold OMNI-casters
Drive Wheels: 14″ (Solid and pneumatic tires are available; solid tires may incur an extra charge if not included in package)
Rear Wheels: 6″ sold OMNI-casters
Drivetrain: Two-motor, Mid-Wheel 6®
Braking System: Regenerative and electro-mechanical
Suspension Type: Active-Trac® (ATX)
TRU-Balance Power Positioning Tilt only
Specialty Controls: No
Standard Electronics: 60A, PG VR2
Battery Size: 12 volt, NF-22 (2 required)
Standard Battery Charger: 5A, off-board
Per-Charge Range:* Up to 15.9 miles
Battery Weight: 38 lbs. each
Base Weight: 127 lbs.
Standard Seat Weight: 37 lbs. (medium-back)
Standard Seat Size: 18″ x 18″ / 20″ x 20″-18″

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The high backed chair provides support and plenty of padding to make it comfortable to sit on for long periods of time. Adjusting the height of the armrests and the foot rest enables you to be set up in a position that is the most comfy for you. Users have responded well to being able to relax while driving this power chair.

Handles inclines well

With the anti tipping wheels and powerful motor it handles the hills you find around towns easily. Riding up a lot of inclines will
Gives freedom to live normally


No swivel option

One of the drawbacks on this scooter especially for one that has a lot of special controls is that it has no control to turn the seat around on its own. Tilting is the solution to alighting and moving on and off the chair.

Customer Quote

“The Pride Jazzy 600 Is Like The Harley Davidson Of All Powerchairs”

Make of that what you will but I think it reflects well on the high speed and good ride you get with this wheelchair and for the price you should expect it to perform at the top of the market.

Pride Jazzy 600 review summary

To sum this electric wheelchair up would be to bring attention to its high speed, long battery life and superior ride as it utilizes some of the most up-to-date technology that is available for wheelchairs. Considering it is a top end model for the mobility aid users you do expect it to have all the features that would help someone with limited mobility such as the tilt controls, and these of course do appear on this wheelchair. However it does lack just that extra bit of ingenuity which would have made this wheelchair go from good to fantastic which would’ve been complete control of seat orientation which unfortunately isn’t here.

But still considering the chair is extremely comfortable and a high end specification it would make a safe buy for someone needing a high quality chair for many hours.

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