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The main types of electric wheelchair in use today are; the standard motorized form of a normal push wheelchair (electric wheelchair) and the Powerchair.

Standard Electric Wheelchairs

This type of wheelchair is a very common mobility aid nowadays due to its versatile use in both the home and outdoors, it is the motorized version of a normal wheelchair so can be controlled easier by the seated occupant.

The method of control is usually a joystick that will control the turning of the wheels and the main power source is usually two batteries of around 12V however there are some differences and you should check with the manufacture and the specifications of the electric wheelchair that you plan on buying.

All specifications of the electric wheelchairs reviewed on this website are featured in their respective articles.


The Powerchair is a more modern  and specialised type of electric wheelchair and will have upgraded features to provide greater comfort and control to the user. These upgraded features include a better seat with higher backrest for better support and anywhere up to 6 wheels for the off road Powerchairs. As has just been mentioned there are some Powerchairs that can go offroad and will feature suspension and variable height settings for the seat off the ground. Please check the specifications of the powerchairs in the reviews found on this website.

What To Look For When Purchasing Seated Mobility Aids

  • Padded or non padded nylon upholstery
  • Padded or plastic armrest Pocket or pouch on back for keeping items.
  • Seat Width.
  • Space Between Arms
  • Seat Depth
  • Seat To Floor Height
  • Back Height
  • Front Riggings
  • Product Weight Capacity

Other Important Things To Keep In Mind..

  • Effective seat width – this is the minimum width the chair can be easily manoeuvred and usually means adding about 5 inches to either side of the chair to calculate this
  • Folding or not folding
  • Product weight if you plan on moving in a car and using as a portable chair

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