The Phoenix Compact Travel Power Scooter from Drive Medical comes in either 3 wheel or 4 wheel options with both designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Overall Review 3.7 out of 5 stars (3.7 / 5)

As you would expect, the 4 wheel model is the more stable of the two, but has a larger turning circle so there is a trade off between the two there.

These scooters are some of the most portable on the market and obviously read on for all important features and the specifications for both.


Lighter Weight Capacity

It is not a negative but these scooters do have a lighter weight capacity than the average. At 250 lbs it is still enough for most people but if you need more support than that you should look into another scooter such as the Go-Go Plus Scooter which has a 300lbs capacity. Obviously to save on the weight of the frame it isn’t going to be as strong as a heavier built scooter.

Lightweight Frames

Probably the most important feature to consider is just how light the whole thing is. In total it weighs just 125 lbs, which isn’t including the batteries which are around 15lbs each. This is the most portable scooter we have seen and breaks up into 4 pieces for easy packing into the back of a car. It is great for those needing scooters while shopping as you can drive to the supermarket with it in the boot and then assemble it when you get there instead of having to use the supermarket hire ones which can be dreadful for back pain.

Big Mileage

On one battery charge you can get around 15 miles out of this handy scooter, but if you double up on your batteries you can get up to 30 miles out of it. The Phoenix allows for stacking of batteries so you can have two installed at the same time just in case you have extra long journeys or whole day driving to do. Compared to other models this is performs averagely in terms of battery life and mileage.

Customer Approved Seating

Pretty much all the reviews mention how sitting in this seat doesn’t aggravate their back pain or make them uncomfortable after longs periods of sitting. You can adjust the seat height to get yourself in the most ergonomic position. The height adjustment is made just like a standard office chair by using a lever located just underneath the seat. There is no headrest but you will be leaning forward slightly to maintain control of the tiller so this is unimportant. Unlike some mobility scooters there is armrest adjustment as well as tiller height so you can match up both your resting and active positions. Things like that just make it more comfortable, especially if you are spending a lot of time using it.

Auto Straighten Tiller

A good safety feature is the auto straighten tiller so if you let go of the handlebars then you won’t lose complete control. It is really good if you getting sudden arm pain and can’t steer. This scooter has passed all the recommended tests set by the ANSI/RESNA which stands for the American National Standards Institute and the Rehabilitation Engineering and assistive technology Society of North America. Basically they are trying to improve and set standards in the industry of which this scooter passes and surpasses.

Scooter Specifications:

  • Width: 20.5 inches
  • Length: 48 inches
  • Turning radius: 44″
  • Weight Capacity: 250lbs
  • Tires: Anti Tip Flat Free
  • Product Weight: 190lbs
  • Battery Requirements: Wireless 17 Amp Battery (optional extra battery for increased mileage)

Customer Opinions


One of the main things that customers picked up on was the ease with which the battery can be moved and detached, this makes disassembling and reassembling the scooter a lot easier when compared to other scooters.

Another thing users liked was the width of the seat and how they were surprised at how well these scooters coped with hills and rough streets. The stability and ease of maneuverability really stands out.


The length of the scooter slightly impairs its ability to be used in a very tight compact space like a mobile home, but it still has a tighter turning radius than other equivalent mobile scooters available today.

Review and Feature Summary

  1. Big Mileage of 15 miles (Stack on battery brings this up to 30 miles)
  2. Separate color panels are included in both red and blue.
  3. There is a large carry basket for holding additional items.
  4. Speed Limit of 5 mph but can feel faster when not at its maximum weight capacity.
  5. Swivel Seat enables easy alighting and leaving the scooter just adding that extra bit of independent mobility for a mobility impaired user.
  6. Lightweight and really portable.

Overall this type of scooter is very much true to its word in being for compact travel with a surprisingly easy to assemble frame and snap in wireless batteries, the option to increase mileage by simply adding another battery is really handy. However I would say measure out the tighter spaces in your home if you were planning on using these indoors. But otherwise the Phoenix Compact Travel Power Scooter is a really great scooter in terms of ease of use and comfort.

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