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In this final part of our guide to choosing a mobility scooter we will share with you the indepth features you want to look for in a scooter. We will discuss the common terms used in the specifications by manufacturers so you are not confused by all the information the manufacturer feeds you and so you can better understand the mobility scooter reviews you may read.

Specification Lists Explained

Model: Name of the Scooter

Model Number: Helps identify a specific scooter by the manufacturer, if you have a specific scooter in mind it will be worth searching by model number

Tires: Lists the width and diameter of the wheels, sometimes splits between front and rear tires. Also has a description of the type of tires, see our part 2 guide for a full explanation

Max Speed: The maximum travel speed of the scooter

Ground Clearance: Describes the how far off the ground the lowest point of the scooter not in contact with the ground is. Important to look at as a low ground clearance can get the base scraped when travelling on uneven pavement

Turning Circle: The radius of the circle the scooter draws when turning its tightest, commonly quoted in inches

Full Length: Full measured length from back to front of the scooter, need to know if you plan on transporting the scooter in a car boot or van without disassembly.

Width of base: Total width of the scooter, need to know for an indoor scooter as you need to plan moving through your doorframes and if you need to widen the doorframes around your house to fit the scooter

Seat to ground height range: If the seat has adjustable height, which is recommended, this value quotes how low and how high the seat can go from the floor

Seat to Deck height: The seat to deck height is the distance between where your feet will rest and the seat, make sure you can seat with your feet in the most ergonomic position

Type of seat: This is just a description of the seat, look for a foldable seat and check out our part two for a greater explanation about seat types

Total Weight: total weight of scooter

Battery Weight: Weight of the battery pack, if the scooter needs two then double the weight

Scooter Battery requirements: The power requirements of the scooter quoted in Ampere Hours

Maximum range on full charge: How far you can travel on one full charge of the batteries. If using the scooter intensively on high gradients then it will last for a smaller distance than quoted

Type of Charger: describes whether the charge is on board, As in you plug the scooter in or off board, where you can take the batteries out and plug into the mains separately

Max Weight Capacity: The recommended maximum weight the scooter can carry, if you are thinking about carrying shopping on the scooter then you will need to take that and your own weight into account when choosing a mobility scooter that is right for you

Colors: Aesthetic descriptions of the different body colors available for the scooter model, some scooters can come in multiple colors, most common colors are, red, blue and silver

Weight of Heaviest Piece: Most scooters can be disassembled for easy transport, the weight of the heaviest piece is important to know if you are handling the assembly of the scooter on your own and you need to be able to lift it in and out of your car boot

Warranty: Any warranty available on the scooter, some vendors offer up to 3 year cover on new scooters

After reading the descriptions above you should have a better idea of what the manufacturers are trying to tell you and you should feel less overwhelmed by the information on offer.

The last things I want to talk about are the features that can distinguish between a good and the best mobility scooters. These are:

Portable Mobility Scooters

Portability is a big deal for those looking to use a scooter for travel around the shops or on days out to the countryside. To give this portability a mobility scooter can be disassembled into multiple smaller pieces and the best scooters are the ones that are easiest to take apart and put back together. There are certain brands known for great portable scooters such as pride mobility, they have a 5 piece system for their scooters which can be assembled one handedly.

There is a difference between a mobility scooter and a mobility buggy, a buggy does not have the ability to be disassembled so you have to transport them whole. If you only have a small boot then you need to have a scooter   Aesthetics

If you are going to spending a long time using a scooter then you would want it to look good. There are a wide range of models that can look very robust and cool, companies are starting to use different techniques to make better contoured body kits for their scooters, similar to car bodies. You should also check if the scooter comes in a color you like and sometimes the different colors can be different prices.

Kerb Climbing Ability

Unlike powerchairs, scooters and buggies don’t have the same ability to raise and lower their wheels to climb up and down curbs. The way that scooters can become kerb climbers is if the wheels are large enough to grip to the top of the kerb and pull the scooter up, provided you have enough ground clearance. So look for good ground clearance and large wheels for the best kurb climbing ability.

Max Gradient Climbing

Scooters do not have extremely powerful motors so the manufacturers will occasionally specify the maximum gradient that the scooter can climb. Keep in mind a scooter will not have as long a range if you are driving up multiple hills.


Hoods for scooters can be purchased as additional accessories and it is definitely a good idea to get one. Getting caught in the rain on a mobility scooter a mile away from home can be quite a downer on your day. Most hoods are easy to put up yourself and keep you dry and protected from the weather.


I hope you have got to read all three parts of this guide and found it helpful. Just to recap, you should be looking for a scooter that suits your requirements and in that regards you won’t be paying for more than you need. It is easy to get carried away if you don’t have a firm idea of what you want from a new mobility scooter. Please check out the reviews on this site as we only review the best mobility scooters.

But overall I wish you all the best when choosing a mobility scooter and will be glad if I’ve made it an easier experience for you.